Easy Boots

I am an authorized Easyboot dealer, and I carry an assortment of popular hoof boots with me. If you want a style or boot I don’t have, I can have it shipped directly to you, after trimming and fitting your horse.

Benefits of purchasing through Fabius’ Farrier Services:

  • Buying directly from me saves you time. I can trim, fit, and boot your horse in one visit.
  • I can save you the guesswork of fitting, or the proper boot for your situation.
  • If you need any corrective, or remedial work on your horse due to lameness; you have the added benefit of my farrier services.
  • Easy Care offers a 30 day refund policy, 90 day limited warranty.
  • If there‚Äôs a warranty issue, I will be able to service your needs.
  • If you would like more detailed information on the hoof boot styles available, check out the easyboot catalog.

EasyCare Videos

This video section gives you easy access to valuable information on our entire line of hoof boots.
Click on any image to watch the informational video.

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