Below are a few comments from satisfied clients of Alain Fabius.

Alain has been my horse’s farrier for ten years. Alain’s ability to handle my horse – whether he is wanting to play, looking in Alain’s pocket for carrots, or just standing still and (finally) being a good boy – is remarkable. He is the most patient person I know and is always gentle with the horses. He’s a pleasure to have around and that counts for something every six weeks!

I have relied on Alain’s expertise and he’s always been the consummate professional. My horse has not had any challenging hoof problems and I attribute a lot of his hoof and leg health to the excellent care Alain has given us these past ten years.

-Gail Busman Goodman

Alain has put shoes on every horse I’ve owned since 1989. Thank goodness he’s changed his hair style since then. I’ve had five different horses, at eight different barns, but only one farrier: Alain. Not only is he very good at what he does, but he has a work ethic that gets your problems solved day, night, weekend, or holiday. I love him.

-M. P.

Alan Fabius has been my blacksmith since the early 1990’s. When I first met Alan I had a 40 stall high-end Show/Jumper/Hunter barn. Now I just have small family barn with 4 school horses who mean the world to a lot of little people. There are many reasons I have never chosen another blacksmith other than Alan Fabius.

Here are but a few:

  1. HE HAS KEPT ALL MY HORSES SOUND! Do I really need to say more???
  2. His work and expertise has kept the vet away.
  3. Alan has always understood the problems of my children to the extent that none of their problems are with shoeing anymore.
  4. Alan creates shoes as needed for all 4 hooves. Those of us know that all hooves are not created equal.

Recently and for the first time in 20 years Alan had to take a quick break. One day a new blacksmith who was helping Alan came by the barn which resulted in my mild mannered school horses to nearly have a heart attack! They did not want anyone but Alan. The trust he has instilled in my horses over the years is not only comforting to them but to me as well. His care and attention is all the reason why I choose to have Alan as my blacksmith.

-Kelly Lenahan Stackpole

We will be forever grateful for everything Alain has done for our horse LB. Alain even made a special trip to the equine hospital to work on Bob’s feet during his hospitalization. We can’t thank Alain enough for his extensive skill, dedication and patience regarding this young horse. Because of Alain, it looks like Bob may become a real contender in the hunter world! (That is, if Alain will graciously continue to work on Bob who occasionally still earns his title of “Little Bastard”!) Thank you Alain for being THE BEST FARRIER EVER!!

-Jane Dihn